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The collection of beads made of exotic wood  is the result of creative co-working of jewelry artists TRUE BEADZ and Custom Woodworks Moscow workshop. Each handmade bead of this collection is unique, made exclusively by CWWMSK for TRUE BEADZ. There are no similar beads in the range.

Keeping the traditions of consistently high quality and inspired by the beauty of nature, the 925 silver core of this beads is completed with the high value natural materials such as Cocobolo, Bocote, Bahia Rosewood.

Here in CWWMSK we are passionate about wood: "Working with wood for a long time lets you realize it’s splendor. In the manufacturing process, we try not to change the natural beauty of the material, but to emphasize its features, elegance and texture."
Just take a look at the wooden beads by TRUE BEADZ&CWWMSK: incredible shades of color, texture and pattern – the true fantasy of the Nature! These beads are the fusion of original idea and craftsmanship, strength and beauty of the material, high quality and philosophy of two Russian brands.