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Privacy Policy

Moscow, May 30th 2019


This Personal Information Privacy Policy (hereinafter, "Privacy Policy”) applies to all information submitted by the User while visiting TRUE BEADZ online shop, related applications and products  that can be acquired  by "TRUE BEADZ" online shop located on www.truebeadz.com  domain.



1.1. This Privacy Policy uses the terms defined below:

1.1.1. "Website Administration of the Online Shop" (hereinafter, 'Website Administration') means  staff members acting on behalf of  sole proprietor  Trubitsyna I.A., who organize processing or/and processes Personal Information and  defines the  purpose of processing Personal Information, type of Personal Information that needs to be processed and actions applied to Personal Information.

1.1.2. "Personal Information" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable person (Personal Data owner).

1.1.3. "Processing  of Personal Information" means any action (operation) or actions (operations) applied to Personal Information using automated services or without using such services including data collection, recording, systematization, storing, qualification (update/change),  retrieval, usage, transfer (distribution, submission, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion of data.

1.1.4. “Confidentiality of Personal Information” means a requirement that shall  be met by staff members or others who  access certain information not to disclose such information to Third Parties without the consent of its holder or any other  legitimate reason.

1.1.5. "Website  User" (hereinafter, "User") means person who uses the Online Shop and has access to the Website  via Internet

1.1.6. "Cookies" mean small text files that store Internet settings on User's device. When the User navigates to the Website, cookies are sent back to the Website in HTTP request via web client or web browser.

1.1.7. "IP adress" means unique numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.



2.1 By using the Website, the User agrees to the terms of this Privacy Policy and  processing of Personal Information.

2.2.  If the User does not agree with the practices described in this Privacy Policy, he should stop using  the Website.

2.3. This Privacy Policy applies to TRUE BEADZ Website only. TRUE BEADZ Website is not responsible for privacy practices of the third-party sites , links to which it contains.

2.4. Website Administration doesn't check the validity of data submitted by the User of the Website.



3.1. This Privacy Policy establishes the liability of the Website Administration to guarantee Confidentiality of Personal Information  submitted by the User upon request from the Website Administration during a registration on the Website and placing an order for purchasing goods.

3.2. Personal Information  that is approved for processing  in scope of this Privacy Policy,  is submitted by the User by filling in the registration form on TRUE BEADZ Website in Contacts and Your Order sections. The following information is included:

3.2.1.  Surname and Last Name of the User

3.2.2. User's phone number

3.2.3. User's email address

3.2.4. Shipping address

3.2.5. User's home address

3.3. The Website guarantees confidentiality of the following information that is automatically transmitted when viewing ad slots and navigating to pages with statistic counter script ("pixel")

* IP address

*  information from cookies

* web browser information (or another web client used for accessing ad slots)

* access time

* address of the webpage that contains the ad slot

* referrer (previously viewed webpage)

3.3.1. If cookies are turned off, the User may not be able to access certain parts of the Website that require authorization.

3.3.2. The Website collects IP addresses of the visitors for the means of statistics. This information is used for detecting and sorting out technical issues and to control legitimacy of financial operations.

3.3.3. Any other Personal Information not specified above (history of orders, used web browsers and operating systems etc) should be stored safely and not disclosed except for cases agreed  in clauses 5.2. and 5.3. of this Privacy Policy.



4.1. Personal information of the User can be used by the Website Administration for the following purposes:

4.1.1, Identification of the registered User on the Website for the purpose of order finalization or/and concluding  a sale and purchase contract with TRUE BEADZ for the means of distance selling.

4.1.2. Providing access to the personalized resources of the Website.

4.1.3. Providing feedback including notifications, questions about the use of the Website, providing services,  processing of User's cases and inquiries.

4.1.4. Detecting location of the User to provide security and to avoid fraud.

4.1.5. Ensuring  Personal information submitted by the User is complete and valid.

4.1.6. Creating of a personal User account for placing orders if approved by the User.

4.1.7. Notifying the User of  statuses of the Order.

4.1.8. Processing and receiving of payments, tax or tax discount acknowledgement, handling disputes on payments, determining User's eligibility for the line of credit.

4.1.9. Providing effective customer and technical support in case of issues related to the use of the Website.

4.1.10. Providing the User with notifications on product updates, special offers, pricing information, newsletters and other information on behalf of the Website or its partners with consent of the User.

4.1.11. Providing  advertising activities with consent of the User.

4.1.12. Providing access to the websites or/and services of the Website partners for more products, updates and services.



5.1. Personal Information of the User is processed without any time limitations by any legitimate means including processing  via  information data systems using automation techniques or without using those.  

5.2. The User agrees that the Website Administration has the right to disclose Personal Information to the third parties i.e. courier and postal services and telecommunications operators only for the purpose of  processing of the order placed by the User  on TRUE BEADZ website as well as shipping of the order.

5.3. Personal information of the User may be disclosed to responsible authorities of Russian Federation  only on the grounds provided in legislative acts and in accordance with  the procedure established by the legislation of Russian Federation.

5.4. In case of a loss and disclosure of Personal Information the User should be notified by Website Administrator.

5.5.  Website Administration shall  take all the necessary  organizational and technical measures to protect User's Personal Information from unauthorized or accidental access, deletion, change, blocking, copy, distribution as well as  other unauthorized third-party actions.

5.6. Website Administrator along with the User shall take all important measures to prevent losses or other negative impact caused by loss or disclosure of Personal Data of the User.



6.1. The User shall:

6.1.1. Provide Personal Information required by the Website.

6.1.2. Update and/or complement Personal Information in case of its change.

6.2. Website Administration shall:

6.2.1. Use submitted Personal Information only for the purposes specified in clause  4 of this Privacy Policy.

6.2.2. Ensure that confidential information is stored safely and is not disclosed without User's prior written permission  except for the cases described  in clauses 5.2.  and 5.3. of this Privacy Policy.

6.2.3. Take precautionary measures to protect confidentiality of Personal Information in accordance with the order commonly used to protect  this kind of information in the existing workflow.

6.2.4. Block Personal Information relating to the existing User from the moment of inquiry of the User,  his legal representative or the designated agency for the protection of the rights of  Personal Information owners during checks  in case of illegal actions or submission of  unreliable Personal information.



7.1. Website Administration  shall be liable for the disclosure of Personal Information and shall reimburse the User  for any loss resulting from such violation in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation except for the cases described in clauses 5.2, 5.3 and 7.2 of this Privacy Policy. 

7.2. In case of a loss and disclosure of Personal Information Website Administration is not liable if this Personal Information:

7.2.1. Was made public before its loss or disclosure.

7.2.2. Was received from the third party before it was submitted to the Website Administration.

7.2.3. Was disclosed with User's permission.



8.1. Before addressing the matter to the court with the claim in dispute that arises from the relations  between the User and the Website Administration ,  a claim should be submitted (written proposal for  a voluntary dispute settlement)

8.2. The receiving party shall notify the owner of a claim of the outcome in written form within the period of 30 calendar days.

8.3.  In case the dispute is not settled, it shall be addressed to the court in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation.

8.4.  This Privacy Policy and relations between the User and Website Administration shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Russian Federation.



9.1. Website administration has the right to apply changes to this Privacy Policy without notifying the User.

9.2. New Privacy Policy shall come into force after it's published on the Website unless otherwise provided by new version of Privacy Policy.

9.3. All questions and proposals related to this Privacy Policy should be submitted via Contacts page.

9.4. This Privacy Policy is published on www.truebeadz.com  page.