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Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about TRUE BEADZ processes!


How do I place an order? 

Choose the item you wish to purchase and click  Add to cart. When you're done, go to your cart, select the Shipping option (please see  thorough description of available Shipping options below), click on Got promo code? to enter the promo code if you've got one, press Apply, then fill in the form below and proceed to check out. That's it!


Do I need to create a personal account on to place an order? 

Currently there's no option to create a personal account on the website, so each time you place an order you need to fill in required personal information. Some browsers have an autocomplete option,  but unfortunately  it doesn't always work. We totally understand that personal accounts can be quite useful especially when you need to place an order fast, so we are working on this with our website developers, hopefully this option will become available in the nearest future. 

What are the payment options? 

The only available payment option is PayPal.


I'm trying to make a purchase via PayPal  but it keeps saying this transaction has been declined to comply with government regulations!

If you have a business PayPal or an American Express card linked to your PayPal account, sadly the payment won't go through. In this case we suggest that you use another PayPal account. If it's not the case, please contact us at If you are located in Russia, PayPal will not work either,  so if you wish to place an order please contact us directly.


I'm looking at the item I wish to buy but there's no option to add it to my cart!

Perhaps the item you are looking at is located in one of our Live category. These category go live during our website events, until that time prices are not  shown. We usually publish the go-live times on the website banner and on social media


What are the available shipping options? 


The shipping fees on the website are based on the current postal service rates. The following options are now available:⁠
This is international airmail with tracking. 

FREE for orders over $250⁠


We also offer FREE consolidated shipping during out Live/MTO website events, that means your orders placed on and will be combined and sent together at no extra cost. 


Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, we do ship worldwide. Please note however that packages to Poland,  Finland, Australia,  New Zealand and Argentina are shipped via our representative in Europe which may result in delays. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Is my order being processed? 

Photos of “ready to go” orders are posted in Instagram and Facebook Stories.  If you see that something that looks like your order has a mistake in it, please contact us immediately, before the package is sent out. If your order was not featured in Stories, don’t worry, it is in progress now and will be sent out soon⁠.



How do I know my tracking number? 

Once your order is sent out  the tracking number is sent to you via PayPal. You will receive an email ( usually works fine but sometimes doesn’t go through) and you can find the tracking in your PayPal transaction. ⁠

⁠How soon shall I receive the tracking number?

Trackings are sent out MANUALLY so please give it some time. This is how it works: we go to the post office, send out the packages, receive trackings, come back home, attach tracking papers to printed orders, take photos and only after that update every  PayPal transaction with the tracking number to let you and PayPal know the order is on the way. Usually it takes one extra day. If you see a post that packages were sent out, you should have the tracking number in a couple of days.

How do I track my package?

To track your package please use your local post website once it enters your country or Russian Post website.  ⁠


What if the status of my tracking hasn't updated for a long time (3 weeks and more)?

Please send a message to mentioning your order number/tracking number and we will issue a claim to speed up the process. 



What's TRUE BEADZ Live Event? 

Live Event is a specific period of time  when you can enjoy exclusive Live beads and place  orders for MTO items. The dates of the upcoming live event are announced on and social media in advance.


Where do Live Events take place?


How to order MTO beads?

What are Live Beads? 

Live beads are the beads you can buy from live photos. That means you are choosing exactly the bead you will receive. They do also have a description with colour names and a note whether they can be MTO.


I go to Live section of the website but there are no prices!

Prices only become visible at the time of event, before that Live page remains in catalogue mode.

What are the shipping costs during Live/MTO Events? 

Consolidated shipping is free during Live Events for all orders placed at and


What time does Live Event start for me? 

We normally specify Event time in Moscow time zone. Since there are many different time zones, please use a time zone converter like or similar to find out what time it is for you. And don't forget to set your alarm!


How do I know when it's time for the next Live/MTO Event?

We publish Live/MTO event dates on our website banner and on social media. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to learn about our news and upcoming events. Just message us on social media, specify your name and email address and we will do the rest!


What's MTO?

We use MTO for MadeToOrder items. That means that beads/dangles are not in stock but will be made after you place your order. So the production will start after the order is placed. That is the reason why MTO needs additional time, that is the production time.


What can be MTO?

There is special website with the list and pictures of all designs that can be MTO, you can choose from those designs (cz, blossom, flakes etc.) and you can also choose the colour from the colour chart (please visit a special page for colour charts on our website). The prices become visible during live website events.


 When can I buy MTO?

MadeToOrder option is not available all the year round. We only open it during the live events on our website, so you have 3 to 7 days to place your order. The dates of the events are announced on the website and social media ahead of time.


What is a Gift Card?

True Beadz Gift Card is a virtual code that will give a recipient a discount on any order placed on It looks like a beautiful picture with the discount amount and code itself. Can be forwarded to a recipient or printed out.


How to choose a Gift Card? 

We have different Gift Card options. You can choose between $25, $50, $75 or $100 card


How to buy a Gift Card?

On we now have a Gift Card page where you can choose your Gift Card. Add it to cart and proceed to checkout as if you were doing bead shopping. Please make sure there are no typos in your email address! You will receive an automatic email with the  link to download your Gift Card. 

How to redeem a Gift Card? 

Every Gift Card has a unique code that will give a $25, $50, $75 or $100 (depending on the card value) discount on the order placed via website. To redeem a Gift Card please add selected items to cart and proceed to checkout. On the checkout page (before you go to PayPal) there is a special area to apply a Promo-code. That is where you enter the unique code from the Gift Card. Please don’t forget to tap Apply. After that you will see that the total for your order has changed. Now you can proceed to PayPal to complete the order.


What else do I need to know about the Gift Card?

Every Gift Card has a unique code that can only be used once. You can not use Gift Card together with any other promo codes. If you would like the Gift Card to be automatically sent directly to the recipient, please fill in recipient’s email at checkout 


What is a customer card at TrueBeadz?⁠

True Beadz Customer card used to be a physical card with a special number on it. At the moment we ran out of physical cards, but use a virtual promocode instead. A promocode  will be sent to you after you place your first order⁠

How do I  use the Customer card?⁠

The code you have (sent to you in a message or embossed on your card) will automatically give you a  discount when shopping on our website

Once you have all the needed beads in your cart, please look for a PROMOCODE field⁠, type in your code in that field, click APPLY and you will see the total amount has changed after the discount was applied.  All that  is done BEFORE you are transfered to PayPal.

Are there any limits?⁠

According to TRUE BEADZ discount code policy, you can use your discount code all the time on stock and live items only.


⁠What other discounts can be applied? ⁠

From time to time we will provide special discount codes for certain occasions. Each code will have own rules/limits. Please mind that for one order you can only use one code.⁠

I forgot my code, what do I do?

If you placed orders before but don’t have/ forgot/lost your customer code, don’t hesitate to contact us! ⁠⁠⁠

⁠Do you have a welcome code?

If you are ready to place your very first order, we now have a welcome code too! Please contact us via Facebook or subscribe to @truebeadz on the Instagram to get yours⁠.

If you feel there's something else we should cover, please don't hesitate to email us at