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May 10 - start of MTO for cz/ flakes/ blossoms/ sheep etc. 
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May 16 - last day of LIVE party and MTO Aquarium Beads
May 23 - last day of MTO for cz/ flakes/ blossoms/ sheep etc. 

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Necklace chain and lock

7 400 pуб.
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Welcome to our new chain-lock necklace concept

You can start working on your necklace project from the center piece or from one of the sides, you don't have to worry now if you landed the first bead upside down. You have full control on your design from both ends of the chain

we currently have several options of the length, please choose what fits you most

at the moment we do not recommend using the chain as a bracelet, but it is very safe as a necklace

it is a new product for us, please forgive us if there is a short delay in sending out 
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