463635 True Set Sunset 463635 True Set Sunset

463635 True Set Sunset

TRUE Sets are sets of three beads: one TRUE Touch, one TRUE Blossom, one TRUE Air in favourite TRUE BEADZ colours.

Here you will receive:

TRUE Touch Sunset      - 1 piece
TRUE Blossom Sunset  - 1 piece
TRUE Air Sunset           - 1 piece

Every TRUE BEADZ bead is stamped 925 that means that you always have best quality jewelry handmade just for you. TRUE BEADZ will fit any your favourite european bracelet.

Colour               apricot
Size                  15.5-16.5mm  x 10mm (may vary)
ID                      4.3mm
Quantity            3 beads

Please mind 1 inch is 25,4mm
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