Roots are back!

Dear friends!

We did not realize how popular this design will be, and we thank you all for your support! I will never find enough words to express how thankful we are! All your comments, messages, likes and orders are very much appreciated.

For this time only we decided to make some more Roots. You will see them on our website on Cyber Monday. Once they are gone - they are gone.

Please mind that our friends at Great Lakes Boutique http://www.greatlakesboutique.com will run a fantastic promo starting on Black Friday. Be sure to check, you will find another beautiful limited bead that you may be were looking for!

We promise to reconsider the number of our future Limited Edition beads to keep it limited, but also to make our dear customers happy and supply the demand. 

Hopefully, these are good news!

Hugs from Moscow,
Julia and Alexey